outside the box

outside the box:
5–7 jun/2014

symposium and performances
presentation of the results


To pose no expectations for predetermined results generates considerable creative liberty. We alleviate the pressure of having to craft completed productions by hosting a market at the end of the project in June 2014 where no finished products will be presented. Instead, ideas, sketches, drafts, test runs, beta versions, models, and manuals will unfold their own aesthetic quality. All of these are available for further development and realization.


As a result, the market is a hybrid of symposium performances, tryouts, discussions and naturally, encounters and exchange over lunch and dinner. Six teams of the participating art spaces are being busy to examine and work with the research questions of their hosts. They are developing ideas, objects and concepts that will be presented at the market in June, 2014.


From the research questions we also draw the topics for the discussions in the working sessions:


  • Artistic profile versus marketing strategies
  • How can live performance art have an influence on the social life of a city?
  • Who and why should anyone still come to a live performance in times where virtual experiences are at hand?
  • Where is the 40+ audience?
  • Dialogue between art and politics
  • What is the function of pleasure in art?


Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst, Dr. habil. Jens Badura, Walking Theory, Hendrik Folkerts, Anders Härm, Guillaume Paoli, Joanna Warsza, and Dr. phil. Torsten Meyer are the theorists and practitioners who will instigate and lead the discussions at the market.


Rather than reinventing ourselves, we want to find out who and what we are at this particular time and in this particular environment, in this cultural art space, in this city and with these particular people as companions. We strive to pass on the findings of our studies and the experiences and expertise of the guests and hosts and will present them at the market. The spirit of the research is one of curiosity, openness, and generosity.