outside the box

Ideas, research, exchange and discourse about the relation between art and the public: The final stone of the outside the box project has been set and is now available in print-form.


Affirming art with the language of economics is therefore yet another false consequence of the “political” pseudoactivity of art.”


...states Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst in her article ‘on consumption, laziness and less work’. This is just one example of the 240 page documentation, where you can find further detailed insights of the research process, discussions and thoughts that were shared among the project partners and artists from Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany within the last two years. Some other authors contributing to the documentation are Dr. habil. Jens Badura, Hendrik Folkerts, Anders Härm, Dr. phil. Torsten Meyer, Guillaume Paoli, Marta Popivoda and Joanna Warsza.


240 pages ger/eng, 10 € (plus shipping & taxes) for as long as stocks last!


Order at order@zeitraumexit.de


And, we will celebrate the documentation with a RELEASE PARTY!

April 9, 7PM. at zeitraumexit, Hafenstraße 68, Mannheim


With music from DJ Lunatic

Everyone is cordially invited to join!