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johanna baumgärtel

Johanna Baumgärtel


works from the perspective of Groningen on the questions from zeitraumexit. In Mannheim she develops together with Ruth Hutter, Hanna van Mourik Broekman, Tomer Pawlicki and Jibbe Willems a Performance in the public space.


Johanna Baumgärtel is about to graduate from Heidelberg University with a Magister in Philosophy with the main focus on aesthetic theories. Her works often translate (philosophical) questions into alienated actions in which the bodily expression does not reduce the complexity of the initial thought. Instead it allows for a pure and holistic perception of multiple layers of this starting point. Her aim is it to question or undermine society’s sole reliance of rationality it in order to bring the contents of preexisting categories into the openness of the possible experiences. Baumgärtel likes to emphasise a strong connection to the audience, which will however never force the viewers into any choice. Rather the involvement of the audience lessens the gap between their own and the artist’s experience. Since 2010, she has been doing performance art. Most recently she performed “Verkopft” / “led by head” at „97m überm Meer“ (zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany), “Beichte” / “confession” at “Herzkunst” (TiG7, Mannheim, Germany  and in group performances like Wolfgang Sautermeister’s “Wie die Kinder” at FH Mainz, Germany.